McParking at a glance

Our mission: We offer our customers an inexpensive, secure parking option close to the airport at BER. Our processes are designed to ensure that our customers arrive, park and are taken to Berlin Airport with as little stress as possible. Of course, the same also applies to the return journey. As far as possible, we use technical aids to ensure that the processes surrounding the parking of the car run smoothly and stably. Our employees are nevertheless available 24/7 and are therefore reliable contacts for all questions directly on site. Safety for customers, employees and cars is our top priority.

The McParking back office team on the parking deck

From left to right: Till Bunse/Management, Ina Brüshafer/Marketing&IT, Janine Schlockow/Accounting&Personnel, Tino Schlockow/Operations, Peter Conrad/Marketing&IT


What we offer: We want to keep the stress level of our clients as low as possible. After all, our customers' actual destination is not McParking, but usually their holiday destination. We are only a part of the journey to this destination and that's how we see ourselves - a support so that each and every one of our guests can spend their holiday contentedly and in peace. With us, your car will park safely in our car park or in our multi-storey car park at Berlin Airport while you enjoy your holiday.

How we do it: Our service promise starts at the beginning with the booking. Our website is designed so that you can book your parking space at BER online and pay in advance with as little effort as possible. Of course, a cancellation or booking change is possible at any time up to 24h before arrival, and even beyond that with the money-back guarantee.

Mobile phone with the McParking app


Once we arrive, there is no annoying check-in. Everything important has been taken care of at the time of booking and our camera system recognises your number plate. This takes care of everything for the entry.

The McParking shuttle buses in front of the car park


The transfer is just as practical: a spacious shuttle bus leaves for the long-distance bus park at BER punctually every 20 minutes. This means that the transfer can be planned and no one has to squeeze into a minibus.

Camera for number plate recognition


During your holiday, your car is safe with us. Our entrances are equipped with cameras, the parking areas are fenced and regularly checked by our staff.


Orientation signs at the airport long-distance bus park


The return journey is particularly easy: after landing at the airport and collecting your luggage, there's no need to make any annoying phone calls - just go to the McParking bus stop. Here you follow the signs to bus stop B / long-distance bus park and there the big shuttle bus also leaves every 20 minutes back to our location.

Customer at the automatic pay station at McParking


If you have already paid for your parking ticket, you can exit the bus without any problems by using our number plate recognition system. If your stay is extended unexpectedly and you still need to pay extra, this can be done conveniently at one of our machines - or one of our employees will help you. The parking fees for an extended stay with us are very reasonable compared to parking directly at BER Airport.


What extras are there:


  • We offer a warm waiting area that invites you to linger. There are also warm and - popular in summer - chilled drinks available.

  • Before returning, every customer receives an SMS so that the location of the shuttle buses can be pinpointed and the way to the bus stop is easy.

  • If the engine doesn't start after the long holiday, we offer free jump-start assistance.

  • Each of our customers receives a feedback email with a voucher for the next booking - even if no feedback is given.

  • And much more...


Fun facts about McParking that should be taken very seriously


  • We have been around for over 20 years. During this time, over 1 million customers have left their car in our care.

  • We have 3,000 parking spaces near BER Airport, making us not only the largest private provider of airport parking in Berlin and Brandenburg, but also one of the largest in Germany.

  • We operate the largest car park in the whole of Berlin, which was inaugurated in June 2021.

  • McParking is also available in South America: In Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile you can also book with McParking.

  • With an average Google rating of 4.7, we are the highest-rated parking provider at BER ever

Fun Fact Picture



What else is important to us: Of course, the be-all and end-all of any company are our employees. We have a small, but therefore particularly motivated team. Our administration is very lean, everyone from the back office also lends a hand in operations. And our employees in the parking control centre always have an open ear for all customer concerns. Last but not least, our courteous Polish bus drivers are often the only contact our customers have with our staff. That's why we attach particular importance to maintaining a friendly but professional atmosphere here.


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Owner McParking Kai Rixrath

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Managing Director McParking Till Bunse

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McParking IT Staff

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McParking operations manager at the desk

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