About us – Interview with authorised signatory Janine


Today our authorised signatory Janine introduces herself. She reports on details of her work in the areas of HR and financial accounting, among others, and of course a few personal topics are also addressed.

Hello Janine, you are an authorised signatory at McParking, what does that mean?

I have been with McParking for 12 years now and soon became the right hand of the managing director after I started here. However, I am primarily responsible for human resources management and financial accounting. As an authorised signatory, I have sole power of representation for McParking in various business matters and appreciate the trust placed in me.

...can you give us a few examples of what is involved?

Over the years, I have recruited and hired well over 100 employees for McParking and have looked after them throughout their entire employment with McParking in all matters relating to their employment relationship, and have held many discussions and sorted things out.
I helped to set up locations and also accompanied difficult phases, such as the delayed opening of BER or the Corona crisis, and mastered them as part of the team. Whenever something needs to be organised, tackled or rebuilt, Ms Schlockow is always there! Payroll accounting is also part of my job. In financial accounting, I ensure that accounts receivable, accounts payable and asset accounting run smoothly. I coordinate closely with our tax office so that we always know quickly and precisely how McParking is doing financially. Insurance matters are also part of my job.

Our authorised signatory Ms Schlockow on a cruise ship



How did you come to McParking? What did you do before your time "in the car park"?

In 2011, I met Kai Rixrath (founder and shareholder of McParking) through my husband, who was already operations manager at McParking at the time.

At that time, McParking operated locations in Leipzig, Schönefeld and Berlin Tegel. A new location in Königs Wusterhausen with more than 3,000 parking spaces was to be built or was being built at the time. McParking was on an expansion course and was building up its presence. For this purpose, active support was needed to structure the organisation even better and to bring it forward. Among other things, this meant recruiting staff, planning operations and organising everything else around it. This task was so exciting for me that I jumped in!

And it remained exciting: the Berlin Bohnsdorf location, for example, I accompanied and helped plan from the ground-breaking ceremony. Be it the construction of our premises, the arrangements regarding the furnishings with the carpentry and much more.

Before McParking, I was in charge of accounts receivable at the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), took care of the route planning for the driving service and did their monthly accounts.

My commercial training and corresponding further qualifications are the basis for my work, but it is important to me to always keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on and to continue learning.


Our authorised signatory Ms Schlockow in the office at work


Describe yourself, where do you come from, what do you do in your free time?

I live in the south of Brandenburg and enjoy the beautiful lakeside landscape with our 3 children. We spend a lot of time on and near the water.

Maybe that's why I love the sea, the bigger "water". My husband Tino, operations manager at McParking, and I are passionate about cruises - when time allows.

I think it's great to be connected to the big wide world through our customers, even during my work.

Back to McParking, personnel & accounting, that sounds quite dry at first, is it?

I believe that people have to work in their vocation, their passion - then they always find fulfilment and are really good at what they do. This is true for me and my work, but also with regard to our staff and the fact that McParking runs like clockwork - it wouldn't be possible without staff and accounting. It is a great pleasure for me to play my part in this.

What looks dry to people from other professions is usually just the view from the outside: there's someone sitting at a desk (although I also walk and drive around a lot ?) but the desk and PC are just the tools to fill a task and a company with life - and that's a lot of fun for me!

What are the big challenges in your job at the moment? And how do you deal with these issues? What do you do, for example, to recruit and retain staff?

Fortunately, we have been looking after our employees intensively since before the current time, which is characterised by a shortage of skilled workers. This is paying off today, because we now have access to a good network and I do everything I can to keep my finger on the pulse.

One challenge is that we operate a highly seasonal business - more people fly on holiday in the summer than in the winter months! And the trick is to always have enough staff on board with the best qualifications.

Fortunately, we have one or two colleagues who only want to work part-time and so we can cover peak times in summer very well. In addition to a good working atmosphere, payment definitely plays an important role: here we make sure that we pay a reasonable wage and proper supplements at weekends, at night and for possible overtime. That is something I have always advocated.

Another area that has become increasingly relevant in human resources work in recent years is the compatibility of private and professional life. In the administrative area, we have a reasonable home office arrangement, so that people can work from home if necessary. In other areas, such as the parking control centre, this is only possible to a limited extent. Our McParking hotline works largely from home, but at least one employee is always on site. Here we pay particular attention to the needs of our colleagues in good time when drawing up the duty roster and are characterised by a high degree of flexibility.

And finally, our classic question: Where do you like to go on holiday?

As I said, I like to go on cruises, taking advantage of the opportunity to see many places in a compact amount of time, but in between relaxing on the water I love.

I would love to do more long-distance travel, but it's hard to do at the moment between work and family. Let's see what the future brings! Until then, I'm happy about our clients who always bring a bit of long-distance air with them.


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