The Operational Manager of McParking: An Interview with Tino Schlockow


In this interview, we take you into the fascinating world of McParking and introduce you to a man who ensures the smooth operation behind the scenes on site - Tino Schlockow. As the Operations Manager, he is responsible for the safety and satisfaction of our customers, from entry to exit. Let's discover together what it means to be the Operations Manager at McParking and what Tino particularly values about his work.


Hello Tino, as the Operations Manager, you carry the responsibility for the entire operational part of McParking. That is certainly a challenging task, could you briefly describe your area of responsibility?

Simply put, I am responsible for ensuring that our customers receive a safe and satisfactory service from the moment they enter our premises until they leave. So, along with my colleagues, I ensure the smooth operation on site. This primarily includes that the barrier systems work, that the parking lots and the parking garage are in good condition, and that the transfer to and from the airport works flawlessly.

According to §4 of the Ordinance on the Operation of Motor Vehicle Companies in Passenger Transport (BoKraft), as a manager, I am responsible for the staff, the structural facilities, and the vehicles. So, there are not only the operationally arranged tasks, but also the area of responsibility prescribed by the legislator. And that's a good thing because compliance with safety standards is of paramount importance in the parking and transport business.

How did you come to McParking? What did you do before?

I am a trained car body and vehicle construction master. Cars and everything that moves with technical help has always fascinated me. Hence my decision to get a foothold in the automotive sector. Of course, I also like to tinker a lot with vehicles of all kinds in my spare time. I became aware of McParking when the expansion around BER began and McParking was looking for a responsible and auto-affine employee. The position of the manager was then offered to me after a short time due to my qualification.

Operational Manager of McParking, Tino Schlockow, next to the large McParking logo


What do you particularly enjoy about your work?

What gives me the most pleasure is receiving direct feedback from our customers. As I am on site most of the time, I immediately see whether the customers are satisfied with our service. The immediate feedback from our guests is great and is the charm of my job. And when I need some peace and quiet, there is always something to mow, screw, or repair. As an operations manager, I am also constantly in action as a facility manager. There is no larger parking garage in Berlin than ours in Bohnsdorf with 2,100 spaces – it is quite unique to be responsible for such a large building. This starts with daily cleaning, goes over to the maintenance of the lighting, up to the annual surface maintenance, just to name a few examples. But generally, it's the variety that excites me. In summer, sometimes there is so much going on that I support the airport transfer with a large coach. It is a lot of fun to drive such a giant from time to time.

...and what could you do without the most?

Well, you can't choose that. But due to the many arrivals and departures, I am often found in our parking lots on the weekend, especially during the holiday season. Despite having enough staff, this simply cannot be avoided. To know what is going on in the operation, you must be present especially during the high-traffic times.


Operational Manager of McParking, Tino Schlockow, stands at his desk


Now about your private life: What do you do in your free time? How can you switch off from the operation?

As a balance to the sometimes quite hectic activity at McParking, I enjoy being out in nature. I can switch off perfectly during a paddling tour in the Spreewald, for example. Preferably with a tent and a barbecue, so without any big fuss. You can quickly get out of the daily grind and you don't have to go far. Otherwise, as a father of three, I naturally have obligations, e.g., as a playmate, chauffeur, cook, advisor...


In conclusion, you have certainly experienced many things at McParking. What has been the most bizarre so far?

Well, a strange but also unique situation was certainly the opening of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) in October 2020. I remember very clearly how we picked up the customers who were on the first flight from Fuerteventura shortly before midnight at the airport with flowers and photos. They were completely surprised, they had been warmly welcomed not only by us, but also in the airport. At the same time, it was quite sad, because a few days later we shut down our entire operation due to the Corona pandemic until the following spring. The joy over the finally opened airport and the suffering of the pandemic were very close together. But these things are now part of the past and we look forward to a busy and hopefully smooth summer.



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