Car parks and parking garages at the main German airports

Whether you are flying on holiday or planning a business trip. In both cases, there are often good reasons to drive to the airport in your own car. For example, because you have a lot of luggage, are travelling with several people or small children. An inconvenient departure or arrival time could make the transfer by public transport inconvenient. Some regional airports have no connection to the public transport network at all. The good news is that all German airports have long-term parking facilities where you can safely park your car for the duration of your journey. If these are not located directly on the airport grounds, a shuttle service provided by the car park operator will take you to the terminal with your luggage and accompanying persons. The advantage here: As a rule, parking outside the airport grounds is significantly cheaper than inside the airport itself.

Below you will find a list of 19 airports in Germany (in alphabetical order) where you can book your parking space directly online.

McParking car park at Berlin Willy Brandt Airport

Airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER)

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), which will open in 2020, is located about 24 km southeast of the city centre of Berlin. It bears the name of the former SPD politician and Federal Chancellor "Willy Brandt". The terminal building of the former Schönefeld Airport was annexed to the new airport as Terminal 5. You can reach the "BER Terminal" and the McParking car park as well as the car park via the A113 and the B96a.

Parking at Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Bremen Hans Koschnik Airport with historic aircraft

Airport Bremen (BRE)

Bremen Airport (BRE), named after the former mayor Hans Koschnik, is located about 3.5 km south of the city centre in Bremen's Neustadt district. The so-called "City Airport Bremen" can be reached by car via the A1, A27 and A281 as well as the B6 and B75.

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Aircraft approaching Dortmund Airport.

Airport Dortmund (DTM)

"Dortmund Airport 21" is the proper name of Dortmund Airport. It is located about 10 km east of the city centre. Scheduled flights have been landing and taking off at this airport since 1979. You can reach this airport via the A1, A40, A44 and B1 motorways.

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Dresden Airport - location and map

Airport Dresden (DRS)

Dresden International Airport is located about 9 km north of Dresden city centre. You can reach the airport by car via the A4, A13 and B97 motorways. Dresden Airport can handle 3.5 million passengers a year.

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Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) Check-in hall

Airport Düsseldorf (DUS)

The "Airport Düsseldorf" is the fourth largest airport in Germany. In 2019, more than 25 million travellers took off and landed here. The site is located about 6 km north of the city centre of Düsseldorf. Access by car can be via the A44 or the B8, or B8n.

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Directions to Erfurt-Weimar Airport

Airport Erfurt (ERF)

Erfurt-Weimar Airport is located about 5 km west of the city of Erfurt. It is the smallest airport in Germany. From Weimar you drive about 30 kilometres to take off. You can reach Erfurt airport by car via the A71 motorway and the B7 trunk road.

Parking at Erfurt airport
Frankfurt Airport - A jet ready for take-off

Airport Frankfurt (FRA)

Frankfurt Airport (FRA), also known as Rhein-Main Airport, is the largest airport in Germany and ranks fourth in Europe. It is an international aviation hub served by over 100 airlines. The spacious site is located 12 kilometres southwest of Frankfurt city centre. The terminals can be reached by car via the A3, A5 and B43 motorways. In 2019, Frankfurt Airport handled approximately 70 million passengers.

Parking at Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) - Access map

Airport Frankfurt Hahn (HHN)

The former military airport Frankfurt Hahn was first used for scheduled flights in 1993. It is located about 125 kilometres west of Frankfurt am Main. It can be reached via the B50 and B327. Frankfurt Hahn Airport has no connection to the public transport network. In 2019, it still had a passenger volume of around 1.5 million travellers.

Frankfurt Hahn parking spaces
Hamburg Airport - Check-in hall

Hamburg Airport (HAM)

"Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt is the oldest airport in Germany. It is located about 9 kilometres north of the centre of the Hanseatic city and can be reached via the A7 motorway or the B433 trunk road. The two terminals have a capacity of around 17 million travellers per year.

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Hannover Airport on the apron

Hannover Airport (HAJ)

Hanover Airport is located 9 kilometres north of Hanover in the area of the city of Langenhagen. TUIfly has its home base here. With a capacity of 10 million passengers, it is number 9 in the ranking of German airports. It can be reached by car via the A352 motorway and the B522.

Parking at Hannover Airport
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)

Airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB)

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport (FKB) is located 40 kilometres southwest of Karlsruhe and 15 kilometres west of Baden-Baden. Travellers can reach it by car via the A5 and the B500. The airport has a passenger capacity of 1.5 million guests per year.

Parking - Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport
Cologne Airport - Freighter aircraft at night

Airport Köln/Bonn (CGN)

Cologne Bonn Airport" bears the nickname "Konrad Adenauer". It is located 12 kilometres south-east of Cologne and 16 kilometres north-east of Bonn. It is one of the few German airports without a ban on night flights. It can be reached by car via the A59 and the B8. Cologne/Bonn Airport has a capacity of 15 million passengers per year.

Cologne/Bonn Airport - Long-term parking
Leipzig Airport from the air

Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ)

Leipzig/Halle Airport is also known as Schkeuditz Airport. The terminal is located 16 kilometres northwest of Leipzig and 22 kilometres southeast of Halle. With the ability to handle up to 4.5 million guests a year, it is the eleventh largest airport in Germany. Leipzig Airport can be reached via the A9, A14 and B6 motorways.

Parking at Leipzig/Halle Airport
Memmingen Airport - The Terminal

Airport Memmingen (FMM)

Memmingen Airport (FMM) is also known as "Allgäu Airport" or "Memmingen/Munich-West Airport". It is located 110 kilometres west of the Bavarian capital Munich and 4 kilometres southeast of the city of Memmingen. It is not directly connected to the local transport network. It can be reached by car via the A96, A7 or the B300 and B312.

Memmingen Airport - Parking
Munich Airport (MUC) with tower and terminal

Airport Munich (MUC)

Opened in 1992, Munich Airport (MUC) bears the nickname "Franz Josef Strauß", named after the former Bavarian Prime Minister. It is located in the Erdinger Moos, about 30 kilometres north of the state capital Munich. In 2019, around 45 million passengers were counted. Munich Airport can be reached by car via the A92 motorway and state road 2584.

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Nuremberg Airport (NUE)

Nuremberg Airport (NUE)

Nuremberg Airport (NUE) bears the name of "Albrecht Dürer", the important German painter who lived in Nuremberg. The airport is located only 5 kilometres north of Nuremberg city centre. The passenger capacity is 5 million travellers per year. The airport can be reached via the A3 motorway.

Parking at Nuremberg Airport
Paderborn Lippstadt Airport with tower in front of a Ju52 aircraft.

Paderborn Lippstadt Airport (PAD)

The airport with the IATA code "PAD" is located between the cities of Paderborn and Lippstadt. Paderborn Airport had around 40,000 aircraft movements in 2019 and is the smallest of the airports in North Rhine-Westphalia. Passengers can reach the terminal by car via the A44, the B1 and the L776.

Parking at Paderborn Airport
Stuttgart Airport on a display panel

Stuttgart Airport (STR)

Stuttgart Airport (STR) is the largest airport in Baden-Württemberg. It is located around 12 kilometres south of the state capital Stuttgart. In 2019, 12 million passengers were handled. Most flights are operated by Eurowings, Lufthansa, Easyjet and TUIfly. With your own vehicle, the 4 terminals can be reached via the A8 and the B27.

Your parking space - Stuttgart Airport
Location and directions to Niederrhein Airport Weeze (NRN)

Airport Weeze (NRN)

The airport Niederrhein (NRN) bears the name "Airport Weeze". It is located 90 kilometres north of Düsseldorf, near Weeze, directly on the Dutch border. By car, you can get to the terminal via the A57 and then the B9 federal road. The airline Ryanair accounts for the majority of flight movements.

Airport Weeze Parking