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To park your car in our secure car park at Stuttgart Airport without unnecessary stress, simply book a parking space online. You can make a payment conveniently online.

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Stuttgart is not only the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, but also the sixth largest city in Germany with a population of about 630,000. It is an important business location, with the headquarters of several automobile manufacturers. A green belt runs through the city centre, making Stuttgart an attractive place to live. Its airport also has a lot to offer. Founded in 1936, it has developed over the years into an international hub.

„Manfred-Rommel-Airport", named after a former mayor of the city, can be reached via the S-Bahn, express buses or by car on the A8. It is also easy to get around in the airport building itself. Three terminals with their own gates and two further terminals, exclusively for checking-in, are available to passengers.

From Stuttgart Airport you can reach numerous European cities and popular holiday destinations, such as the Balearic Islands, Greece or Italy. There are also transatlantic flights to Atlanta. During your absence, you can park your car at the McParking car park after booking your parking space online in advance.

Parking at Stuttgart Airport is easy

Stuttgart Airport is one of the largest airports in Germany in terms of passenger numbers, and was chosen the "best airport in Europe" in 2014. And where the quality is right, experience shows that the number of leisure travellers is correspondingly high. No wonder then that parking spaces or car parks near the airport are quickly occupied and parking can become a real problem.
But you can avoid this stress. Instead of trying your luck and choosing the usually overpriced multi-storey car parking or other expensive parking, you can go directly to McParking.

Travelling to the airport in your own car offers numerous advantages that many people do not want to give up. For example, you can comfortably load heavy luggage into the trunk of your car, so you do not have to reload it again, carry it up or down stairs or along endless corridors or platforms at stations. You are also spared unpleasant surprises due to cancellations or delays in public transport. Instead, you simply get into your car and drive comfortably to the airport.

To ensure that you can complete your journey in a relaxed manner, secure your parking space at Stuttgart Airport before you starting out, via our online booking portal:

  • First select the desired date and period. You can then see the currently available parking spaces and prices.
  • Is your flight leaving early in the morning, and you would like to stay overnight near the airport? You can also book accommodation online, together with your parking space.
  • On the day of your flight, park your car in the parking space you have booked. You can also pay online when you book. To transfer to the terminal you can use our practical shuttle service, free of charge.

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Parking at Stuttgart Airport


To provide you with inexpensive and secure parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the terminal, we work together with numerous partners throughout Germany. Park your car at Stuttgart Airport for the best price, and be sure that your vehicle is safe.

You don't have to leave your car keys with us. We also offer a shuttle service from the car park directly to the Stuttgart Airport terminal – it couldn't be more convenient!
If you have any further questions, you can always contact our friendly staff.



Arrive at Stuttgart Airport by car and park without stress? Until now it has often been a hopeless undertaking: full car parks, long distances and then a huge bill that adds an unpleasant aftertaste to that relaxed holiday feeling. Therefore, make sure to secure your parking space with McParking in advance. We offer full cost transparency from the start and a selection of parking spaces according to your individual requirements.

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The parking spaces we offer are all fenced and lit. You can feel confident that your car remains safe while you are away. When you return to your booked parking space at Stuttgart Airport, you can pick up your car start your journey home, without unnecessary delays.