Marketing and IT expert: Interview with Ina Brüshafer

In our series "About us", Ina Brüshafer - McParking's marketing and IT expert - introduces herself at this point.

Hello Ina, today it's your turn for us to get to know you. It's best if you first introduce yourself briefly!

I am 38 years old, was born in Havelberg / Saxony-Anhalt and live in Berlin. After graduating from high school, I trained as a foreign language correspondent and was able to apply the skills I had acquired in various companies. But at some point I wanted more, to take care of administrative things, to organise, to solve problems. And I was able to do this at a driving service company that also worked for McParking at Berlin-Tegel Airport, among others. And so it happened that I switched from this service provider to McParking a few years ago and at the same time already knew my new employer very well. That is of course a great advantage if the time needed to get used to the new company can be significantly reduced.

What are your specific tasks at McParking? Is this exclusively focused on the area of marketing and IT?

At the beginning of my work at McParking, I was mainly involved in customer contact. That means I checked in customers, looked after the hotline, made bookings and of course did a lot of shuttling. In Tegel we didn't have the big low-floor buses yet, we drove our customers in smaller VW buses the short distance to the airport. As expected, there were always customers who needed to be driven to or from the airport. With the move to BER, our business changed and with it the focus of my work.

Ina our IT employee at McParking in private



We have invested a lot in professionalisation and automation - and are still doing so. I am working intensively on this: The introduction of automatic check-in through number plate recognition, online pre-payment as well as the installation of automatic pay stations, the holistic camera surveillance of our squares or the installation of an automatic customer feedback system, to name just a few examples. But customer contact is also very important to me - especially during the holiday season, I like to stand in for my colleagues at the information desk or support them during busy periods.


IT employee of McParking Ina at her workplace


We recently introduced your colleague Peter. Do the two of you have any overlaps in your work? And how do you coordinate your activities?

First of all, it is important that we are double staffed in this important area of responsibility. If the booking system fails or the barriers to the multi-storey car park don't work, we have to react in the shortest possible time. The IT infrastructure in particular is the heart of our company, so it's good if the tasks are divided up. In an emergency, of course, everyone helps according to availability, but we have our task lists for regular tasks. Peter is more of a morning person, I prefer to come a little later and stay longer.

And now for the holiday planning. Where did you go on holiday last time, where will you be going soon?

My last trip was to Iceland, which was one of my best holidays. The nature there is so impressive - volcanoes, geysers, green meadows - and different from here, that you are immediately in switch mode. An active holiday is exactly to my taste. I was even able to take my dog Laika, who had a real romp. I'll probably go to Iceland again next year. And if I only take a few days off, I like to spend them in my old home town of Havelberg. It's not nearly as exciting, but there's also a lot of nature - and it's just around the corner.

Ina's four-legged travel companion Laika


Ina, in conclusion, what do you wish for McParking in the next few years?

I think that we have already made a lot of progress with the automation of the processes. We have achieved a good mix here, as some customers also like to get in touch with employees, whether for questions or to make sure that everything is running smoothly. In general, I would be happy if the passenger level in Germany and especially in Berlin recovered even faster. Currently we are at about 70% of the pre-Corona level. The sooner we reach the old passenger numbers here, the better for the entire region. And we can then make further service investments.




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