Damaged car

A woman walks with shopping bags to her car in the car park

Damage to the car - culprit unknown

You come back to the car park from a relaxing shopping trip and notice that your car has a dent or a scratch? That's pretty annoying, especially if the person who caused the accident has simply made off. The rule is that the person who caused the accident must wait at least 30 minutes for the driver/owner of the damaged car. If the driver/owner does not show up within this half hour, he or she must notify the police and report the accident or damage. It does not matter how extensive the damage is.


How to react correctly

If you cannot find the person who caused the accident, you should inform the police. He or she may have already contacted the police. Otherwise, a team of hit-and-run investigators can take up the investigation.

Talk to passers-by and residents; someone may have witnessed the accident and can give you information about the car of the person who caused the accident and how it happened.

If the police investigation is inconclusive and the fleeing driver cannot be caught, you will unfortunately be left with the damage or repair costs. Only fully comprehensive insurance will cover the costs of repairs in such cases.

If you come across the person who caused the accident yourself and he or she is not understanding and/or does not want to hand over his or her details, you should write down the number plate and inform the police.

How to react if you have caused an accident

You sideswipe a car while pulling out of a parking space or misjudge the distance from your car to the parked car and hit it. Damage is often caused by a moment of inattention or by misjudging the situation. This can happen even to the best driver.

The first thing you should do is stop immediately. Wait at least 30 minutes for the owner of the car where the damage occurred. If the owner does not show up within 30 minutes, call the police.

The police will record the damage and inform the owner of the damaged vehicle. You, as the person who caused the accident, as well as the injured party should report the accident or damage to the respective car insurance company in order to settle the claim.

If people have been injured in the accident, you must of course first alert an ambulance.

By the way: It is not considered a hit-and-run if only your car suffered damage. Make sure that there really was no damage to the other vehicle. It is also not a hit-and-run if you drive directly from the scene of the accident to the police because, for example, you did not have the opportunity to notify the police by telephone.

This is because anyone who leaves the scene of an accident without permission and without informing the police is liable to prosecution. A hit-and-run offence can be punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to 3 years. In addition, 3 points are added to your criminal record in Flensburg.

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