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Speed camera apps & radar detectors - Can you use them?

Permanently installed speed camera

The orange light that flashes when you've been speeding - expensive fun for an unsightly black-and-white photo. To prevent such things, radar detectors have been around for a few years. These are available as apps, in navigation systems and also as individual devices. They mainly warn against fixed speed cameras, but sometimes mobile speed cameras can also be detected. But is that even allowed in Germany?


Radar detector - what is that anyway?

The aim of the application is clear: it wants to warn you and make you aware of speed cameras. This is done by means of an acoustic and / or optical signal. Many navigation systems have an additional function for this, but there are also separate devices that are focused on this. Since the smartphone now accompanies us every day, there are also countless apps that are supposed to warn of speed cameras. The popular apps in particular have the disadvantage that they usually require a constant internet connection and GPS connection. This quickly drains the battery.

In addition, the apps only refer to one of the three common speed controls - the radar. There is also the laser or the light barrier. Here, the speed camera warnings are usually very cost-intensive and, in the case of laser measurement, illegal because they are supposed to interfere with the laser equipment so much that no measurement can be taken.

Is warning legal?

As a general rule, the use of these warning systems is prohibited while driving. Before driving, you can still use these apps and find out about the locations of the speed cameras. But let's be realistic - such functions make much more sense while driving. After all, you are warned promptly when a speed camera is approaching and do not have to remember any locations.

What does the catalogue of fines say?

Since the use of radar detectors is prohibited by the Highway Code, there are penalties for doing so. If you carry such a device or use the speed camera app, you must expect a fine of 75.00 EUR and a point in Flensburg. Radar detectors that also predict interference with the measurement are generally not permitted. The mere possession of the radar detector in the navigation device or in the form of the speed camera app is generally not punishable - the use is the problem.

Pay attention to what you use while driving. If you want to find out about speed cameras, you should do this before you start driving. In addition, for a safe, relaxed and not unnecessarily expensive drive, stick to the speed limits - then you will always be on the safe side!

We wish you a safe journey and look forward to welcoming you soon at our car park at the airport!



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