Special licence plates and their meaning


Boot with seasonal number plate

Which number plates have which meanings

Sometimes the combination of numbers and letters is red, sometimes green, and some number plates have extra numbers on the back. But what do the different coloured number plates actually mean?


Red special number plates

The red number plates are used for test drives or for transferring cars. They allow unregistered cars to participate in public road traffic. However, only car dealers or workshops can use the plates.

Special green number plate

A green number plate is relatively rarely seen on the roads. The green number plate indicates that this car is exempt from tax. As it serves forestry or agriculture or non-profit organisations.

H number plate

The H stands for historic vehicle and is only for classic cars. For this purpose, the vehicle must be at least 30 years old and an inspection organisation must classify the car as roadworthy. In addition, the car must still meet a detailed catalogue of requirements, such as being equipped with original parts.

E number plate

Cars that have an E at the end after the number combination on the number plate are electric cars.

Transfer number plate

Short-term registration plates: This licence plate is for private individuals who want to test-drive a car or collect it from the dealer so that they can register it afterwards. You can recognise the licence plate by the yellow border on the right. On it is an expiry date, from when to when the licence plate is valid. The validity of this number plate is a maximum of five days.

Export licence plate: On this number plate there is a red band in the right-hand corner. A date is also stamped there. The car must be transferred abroad by the expiry of this date.

Seasonal & interchangeable number plates

Seasonal number plates are often seen on convertibles or motorbikes. They can be recognised by the date stamped in the right-hand corner. This indicates the months from when to when the car may be used.

Interchangeable number plates are intended for two cars. However, the cars may not be driven at the same time. The licence plate is marked with a small W above the stamp of the registration authority. In addition, there is a second part to the number plate. The smaller part of the number plate is embossed with a 1 or 2, and below it is the complete number plate, i.e. the location and the combination of letters and numbers. The large part of the number plate is permanently mounted on the car, the smaller part is intended for changing.

Special number plates with X or Y

Number plates with an X are reserved for NATO and number plates with a Y for the German armed forces.

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