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How to behave correctly in the event of an accident

Serious car accident on motorway

You are sitting comfortably in the car, listening to music on the side and suddenly there is a crash! How do you react in an accident and what are the first steps you should follow? We answer these questions in our blog post.


Very important: Stay calm and secure the scene of the accident.

You have to brake completely unexpectedly and the driver behind you crashes into your vehicle, the shock is great and panic slowly rises. First of all, follow the well-known advice: stay calm. Switch on the hazard warning lights and set up the warning triangle to avoid subsequent accidents. Pay attention to the traffic distances. In urban areas, a distance of 50 metres is appropriate. On rural roads, the distance should be between 100 and 150 metres. If possible, you should place the triangle at the edge of the road or on the edge of the hard shoulder so that it is clearly visible - for example, before bends and crests. Do not forget to put on your yellow waistcoat so that other motorists are immediately aware of you and you do not endanger your own safety. This procedure should always be the basic requirement in the event of a traffic accident. If you have not secured the scene of an accident in time and further accidents occur, you will be liable for the damages. If people are injured in the process, you will be charged with negligent bodily injury.

Document the damage and call the police

Take a look at the damage and take photos to record the damage and prevent trouble with the insurance company. If the following occurs, it is unavoidable to call the police:

  • If the other party is a hit-and-run driver.
  • If the other party gives the impression of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If a foreign vehicle cannot provide proof of insurance.
  • If you have caused an accident with a rental car.
  • If you damage a vehicle while parking and the owner cannot be found.

What to do in the event of minor damage

If the damage is minor, ask the person who caused the accident to show you identification such as a driving licence and identity card. This way you have solid evidence in case of discrepancies. Document the damage properly and also record the damage with the camera. In this type of accident, it is not necessary to call the police, as it is usually only a matter of scrapes and scratches. Anything beyond that requires police advice.

With these tips, you are well prepared for an emergency. Nevertheless, we hope that you will not have to make use of them. If you do, at least you know what to do in the event of an accident. With us, however, you have nothing to fear, because our parking spaces are large enough to avoid getting in each other's way.



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