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How much weight fits in my car?

Car with roof luggage drives through large puddle

How much weight can I fit in my car?

How much luggage can you load into your car?


How much weight can I load into my car?

Travelling by car can be a lot more practical than by plane. In your own car you have the freedom to take a few more things with you. But you also run the risk of overloading your car. A few suitcases, two bicycles, a roof box and a cooler with snacks and drinks for the journey. And the car is already overloaded and no longer safe in road traffic. In addition, the boot hangs low and the engine is overworked.

Effects of overloading

Do you know how much weight you are allowed to load into your car? No? Then you should definitely take a look at your car's manual or vehicle registration document. Because if the car is loaded to the maximum, you must make sure that the tyre pressure is adjusted. In addition, the braking distance increases considerably and you need much more space to take evasive action.

The excess weight puts a strain on the car's axles, especially the rear axle. Despite ESP, the car can start to lurch if you steer quickly.

Make sure that your load or luggage is well secured. Loose objects in the car can cause great damage during heavy braking.

If your car is over the permitted weight and you are stopped and checked by the police, you must expect a fine of €235 and a point in Flensburg. You will not be allowed to continue your journey until the car has reached the permitted weight.

How do I know how much I am allowed to load?

The total weight is stated in the registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document) under the letter F. The weight of the car, when empty, is stated under G. The difference between the two figures is the load weight. Most cars may not be loaded with more than 500 kilograms. Remember to set the correct tyre pressure for your car. In the most common car models, there is a description either in the fuel filler cap or in the driver's side door frame that shows you the optimal tyre pressure, per load in kg, and number of passengers.

If you want to fit a roof box, you must refer to the technical data collection in the owner's manual to find out what weight is permissible for your car.

How can I check the weight of my car?

If you want to check that your car is not overloaded before a long journey, you can go to public car scales such as the local recycling centre.

To pack your car safely and properly

Stow heavy items and suitcases at the bottom and as close to the back of the seat as possible. Light items may be stowed on top. If you have an open boot that allows you to reach through from the rear back seat, it is a good idea to fit a protective net. This prevents objects from being flung forward into the driver's compartment during heavy braking.

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