Autumn holiday in Europe during Corona


Die Hafenpromenade von Husum bei Starkregen


Due to the current pandemic, travel destinations for the autumn and winter holidays are severely limited. However, there doesn't have to be a total holiday cancellation. We tell you where you can spend a few nice days on holiday despite everything. For those who would like to soak up some sun, the south is recommended. Corsica is the best place for this: according to the German Foreign Office, the island in the Mediterranean is not considered a risk area.

Malta and Greece have also recorded only a few infections and are therefore also considered safe for last-minute holidaymakers. Any Greek island is worth a trip in any case, even in autumn or winter.

With average temperatures of 22 to 27 degrees Celsius, the weather on Cyprus is ideal for an autumn holiday with a late summer feeling.

The same applies to Italy. The temperatures are ideal for travellers who want to escape the dreary weather in Germany.The Portuguese island of Algarve is not subject to a travel warning. Here, holidaymakers can look forward to summer temperatures, a relaxing holiday on the beach and great wine from the region.

Slovenia is a must for passionate hikers. The country attracts with its varied nature of forests, lakes and mountains. The diversity of the country is just right for a nature lover.

Those who want a holiday cottage with a fireplace should travel to Sweden. Except for the cities of Stockholm, Uppsala and Örebro, there are no travel restrictions.

Those who prefer to enjoy mountains and forests should drive or fly east. In Poland, the Masurian region is highly recommended. Many forests and lakes invite you to go for a walk or a leisurely boat tour. Wellness hotels offer a pampering programme to suit all tastes, but the entry requirements for Poland must currently be observed.

Empty beaches are also likely in Denmark, as few visitors are expected in the northern neighbouring country. What you can also count on are the fresh temperatures between 9 and 13 degrees Celsius.

A domestic holiday, on the other hand, is becoming a distant prospect. Many hotel operators are closed to holidaymakers from risk areas because of the accommodation ban. The lockdown imposed by the federal government for November 2020 is decisive here.


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