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Amendment of the catalogue of fines 2021

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Changes to fines for road traffic offences

The most common offence on German roads is speeding. In order to better protect all road users ...


Changes to fines in 2021

The most common offence on German roads is speeding. In order to better protect all road users and deter motorists, the catalogue of fines is reviewed annually and adjusted as necessary. To give you an overview of which penalties have been changed, we have summarised the most important points of the 54th Ordinance Amending Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) for you.

StVO amendment

Motorists are affected by higher fines and driving bans. Before the amendment, motorists were fined €15 if they were caught speeding or ticketed for exceeding 10 kilometres per hour in built-up areas. According to the new fine catalogue, 30 € are due. Out of town, 10 km/h too much on the speedometer was 10 € and now it is 20 € fine. In general, almost all fines have been doubled or significantly increased. Here is an overview of the new penalties for exceeding the speed limit. If the speed outside towns is not regulated by signs, the maximum speed of 100 km/h applies. Within built-up areas, the maximum speed limit of 50 km/h applies if there are no corresponding signs or markings.

Fines for speeding out of town

Infringement; Fine Points Driving ban
until 10 km/h 20 €    
11-15 km/h 40 €    
16-20 km/h 60 €    
21-25 km/h 100 € 1  
26-30 km/h 150 € 1 (1 month)*
31-40 km/h 200 € 1 (1 month)*
41-50 km/h 320 € 2 1 month
51-60 km/h 480 € 2 1 month
61-70 km/h 600 € 2 2 months
over 70 km/h 700 € 2 3 months

*Applies only if two speeding offences of more than 26 km/h occur within one year.

Fines for speeding in built-up areas

Infringement Fine Points Driving ban
until 10 km/h 30 €    
11-15 km/h 50 €    
16-20 km/h 70 €    
21-25 km/h 115 € 1  
26-30 km/h 180 € 1 (1 month)*
31-40 km/h 260 € 2 1 month
41-50 km/h 400 € 2 1 month
51-60 km/h 560 € 2 2 months
61-70 km/h 700 € 2 3 months
over 70 km/h 800 € 2 3 months

*Applies only if two speeding offences of more than 26 km/h occur within one year.

Fines for other offences

Changes have also been made for other offences behind the wheel. If you are not wearing a seat belt while driving, it costs €30 fine. If you use your mobile phone while driving, you will be fined €100 and receive a point in Flensburg. If you also endanger traffic, you will be fined €20 on top of the €100 and have 2 points added to your driving record. If you drive under the influence of alcohol (more than 0.5 per mille) you will have to pay a fine of 500 €, 2 points and a one-month driving ban. If this offence is repeated, you will have to pay €1000 and receive 2 points and a driving ban of 3 months. Another common offence is tailgating. If you do not keep a reasonable distance from the car in front, it will cost you €25 if your speed is less than 80 km/h. If the distance is 1/10 of half the speedometer reading, there is a fine of €320 and a point in Flensburg.

Parking or blocking the wrong way

Parking in the second row, on hard shoulders or on footpaths and cycle paths is increased to a fine of €130 per offence. Parking illegally in parking spaces designated for severely disabled persons will now cost €55 instead of €35. You will also have to pay a fine of €100 if you stop or park in a special bus lane, previously it was €35. General stopping or parking in a no-stopping or no-parking zone is now punishable by a warning fine of up to €55 instead of €15. Anyone who fails to form an emergency lane in a traffic jam situation will have to pay between €200 and €320 in future. In addition, they will be banned from driving for one month.

Regulations in other countries

If you are speeding abroad, you may have to pay fines in cash immediately. For speeding in Russia, a fine of €12 must be paid if you exceed the speed limit by at least 20 km/h. However, the Russian catalogue of fines also stipulates that a driving ban of 4 to 6 months applies if the speed limit has been exceeded by 40-60 km/h. If you repeat the offence, you could face a driving ban. In case of a repetition, a driving ban of one year is threatened. In the United States, stricter rules apply, with a fine of €180 for exceeding 10-15 km/h in built-up areas. In Switzerland, a fine of €229 must be paid for 11-15 km/h over the permitted speed limit in built-up areas. In the Netherlands, too, much higher fines have to be paid than in Germany. Driving 10 km/h faster than the permitted speed limit in built-up areas is punished with a fine of €67.

Well prepared for your holiday

Remember to always set off well prepared. There must always be a warning vest and a warning triangle in your car. If you are not able to show a warning vest at a checkpoint, you will be fined 15 €. It is also important to have a sufficient tank of gas. Do not drive longer than necessary with a lighted fuel warning sign. If you break down due to lack of fuel, you will also be fined.

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