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BER to replace the former Tegel Airport in Berlin

Berlin Brandenburg Airport has been under construction since 2006, and is due to replace the current airports of Schönefeld and Tegel when completed. It is one of the largest transport infrastructure projects, not just in Berlin but also in Germany. The new airport is expected to handle 28 million passengers when it opens (31 October 2020) and an extension is already being planned to handle as many as 58 million passengers by 2035. The city of Berlin is already a metropolis, with a population in the millions and a high number of passengers travelling via Tegel and Schönefeld Airports. With the opening of BER in October 2020, the terminals will be full, and parking spaces near the airport quickly taken.

Low-cost parking spaces near BER Airport – McParking is ready

As one of the largest providers of low-cost parking in Berlin (Schönefeld and Tegel Airports), we at McParking are following these developments closely. An important advantage for us and our clients is that the new BER airport is geographically well integrated into the existing airports. We can therefore continue to use all the parking spaces that we currently offer for Schönefeld and, if necessary, expand them to handle the growing numbers of passengers in the future. For our clients, the convenient reserving of a parking space will not change. They will continue to benefit from our usual high-quality service and can fly to their holiday destinations or start their business trips from the car park near the airport.

Comfortably, from the car park to the airport

For the greatest convenience in choosing a parking space, we have developed an online booking system. On our website you simply select a parking space and the period of stay. On the day of your arrival you simply drive to your parking space, and our friendly staff takes care of everything else. Our shuttle bus then takes you from our car park to your terminal at Berlin Brandenburg Airport in a few minutes, and back to your car when you return.

Your car is safe in our fenced, surveilled car park

With such low prices surely there must be a catch? Not with us! Cheap parking spaces do not mean that we save on security! At McParking, all parking spaces are well lit, securely fenced and surveilled 24 hours a day. You can therefore go on holiday or a business trip without hesitation, in a relaxed manner. If you have any questions, our staff are always available.

The Brandenburg Gate set against a cloudy evening sky and lights

Book your parking space at BER Airport – cancellation & discount

Are you concerned about the environmental badge? You don't need to, because our parking spaces are not located in the Belin environmental zone. Our cancellation options are client-friendly and cancellation is usually not a problem. You can cancel your parking space booking up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

As a McParking client you get to enjoy discounts and other benefits - including with our partners. Benefit from our online early booking prices, ADAC member discounts, P-Card discount or make use of your travel agency card.

Book online now

Select the airport where you need to book a parking space with McParking. Enter your travel dates and click "NEXT" to find your parking space. Then all we need are a few details from you and your parking space will be booked. Use our comfortable, direct shuttle service to reach the airport and enjoy your holidays, right from the first day.

When you return you will find us at the agreed meeting point. Our friendly staff will help load your luggage and take you safely to your vehicle.

Book your parking space with McParking, and benefit from safe, low-cost parking near the airport. Let us chauffeur you comfortably to the Leipzig, Tegel, Schönefeld or Berlin Brandenburg airports. Our qualified partners are also available at other airports.

Do you need more?

Book upgraded option

Use our "McParking Plus additional options" and start your journey feeling even more relaxed!

Online booking of parking spaces as usual

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) has yet to open, but we can already guarantee that nothing will affect our convenient booking system. Select the airport in Berlin where you would like to book a parking space with McParking. Then enter your travel date and click on "NEXT" to find your parking space. Finally, with a few details from you and your parking space is booked. Use our comfortable shuttle bus to take you directly to the airport and start enjoying your holiday.

When you return you will find us as usual at the agreed meeting point. Our friendly staff will help you load your luggage and then our shuttle bus takes you safely to your car. Book your parking space with McParking and benefit from safe and convenient parking near the airport. Let us drive you comfortably to Leipzig, Tegel, Schönefeld and Berlin Brandenburg Airports. Our qualified partners are available at other airports.

Any questions? - Just contact us!

If you have any questions, contact us on +49 (0)30 41 400 300 or at You can also find further useful information on our website.