This is how you save your fuel!

Speedometer needle and fuel gauge

How to drive more fuel-efficiently

Due to the introduction of the CO2 tax and the increased demand, fuel prices are once again reaching record highs. With a few little tricks, you can cover more kilometres with your tank of petrol and save money.



Old or often large vehicles are usually real fuel guzzlers. That's why it's worth investing in a new/different model. If you don't need too much space because you rarely have passengers, you should rather drive a small car. These are not only more efficient in terms of fuel consumption, but also cheaper to keep.



Make sure your car always has the correct tyre pressure for its weight, which includes luggage and passengers. A harder tyre pressure means the car consumes less fuel and also contributes to better driving stability. Therefore, you should check the tyre pressure monthly. You can check and correct it free of charge at any petrol station. You can read the optimum tyre pressure for your car in the owner's manual of the vehicle as well as, depending on the vehicle type, in the fuel filler cap or in the centre pillar on the driver's side. You can assume that all-weather tyres also contribute to higher fuel consumption. Therefore, if you drive a lot, you should use summer and winter tyres.



The less weight in the car, the better for fuel consumption. Therefore, check your car for unnecessary items that you carry with you on every journey. It is also best to remove roof boxes and roof racks if you do not need them at the time.


Driving with foresight

A correct driving style has a considerable influence on fuel consumption. Depressing the accelerator and braking hard will quickly and clearly show up on the fuel gauge. If you see the car in front of you braking or a red light ahead, you can let off the gas and shift into neutral or use the gears to slow down the engine. This not only saves the tank, but also the brake pads.

Unnecessary short trips, which can also be made by bicycle or on foot, consume a lot of fuel, because the engine uses more petrol/diesel when cold.


Refuel at the right time

The time of day is crucial for fuel prices. As you have probably noticed, prices vary depending on the time of day. Especially in the evening, fuel prices are significantly cheaper than in the early morning. That's why you should always compare prices. A good way to do this is to use a fuel app that shows you the current fuel prices at the petrol stations in your immediate vicinity. You can also check the current fuel prices on the internet on various websites.

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