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The largest passenger aircraft in the world

Aircraft on approach

It is always impressive anew when a large, heavy aircraft takes off and glides through the air. In the air, the giants seem light and weightless - a fascinating sight. The capacity of the aircraft is also increasing, so that more passengers can be brought to their destination on one flight. This reduces the ticket costs per person. The first passenger plane took off in 1919 and could carry just four people. Nowadays, more than 800 people can be seated in one aircraft. And what are the largest aircraft that passengers use to cover thousands of kilometres of distance?


Airbus A380-800

This aircraft has room for 853 passengers on two decks and is known as the largest aircraft in the world. This is why the Airbus is mainly used as a non-stop connection between the world's most important hubs. The length of almost 73 metres and the wingspan of almost 80 metres is enormous. The maximum range is 15,000 kilometres.

However, production of the Airbus' will cease from 2021 due to low demand. Emirates", as well as "Qantas" and some others will continue to have the aircraft in their fleet.

Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental

The world's longest passenger aircraft offers just over 600 seats and is a variant of the "jumbo jet". With a length of 76.3 metres, it is about one metre longer than the Airbus A340-600. Despite its great length, the wingspan is comparatively narrow at 68.5 metres.

Airbus A340-600

The aircraft, which was developed especially for long-haul flights, can accommodate up to 475 passengers. The Airbus is also one of the most modern commercial aircraft. With a range of up to 14,630 kilometres, the aircraft is part of the Lufthansa fleet, among others.

It is impressive what aircraft can achieve. Several hundred take-offs and landings are recorded daily at Berlin Tegel Airport alone. There, too, the planes create breathtaking moments time and again. Are you also flying to your long-awaited holiday soon? Keep an eye out, perhaps you will also see one of the giants in the foreseeable future. Book your parking space at Tegel Airport, Leipzig-Halle Airport or BER Airport early!



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