Berlin, you are so beautiful


Summer holidays also mean holiday time, but this year everything is different. The pandemic ensures that the holiday season is now spent at home. As the number of cases continues to fluctuate both in Germany and in the popular holiday destinations, and security measures can change at any time, it is too risky for many to fly on holiday. But Berlin also has, apart from the typical highlights, many other sights that are perhaps a little less well-known, but still worth a visit.


The island republic of Reiswerder

An island without electricity from the socket and without running water - all this in the middle of Lake Tegel. Once, the island and the ferry service were only accessible to islanders, who mostly live there in the summer months, members and a few guests. Nowadays, as part of a guided tour, you are also allowed to visit the island republic at any time. Reiswerder is known throughout Europe for having the smallest town hall in Europe. The island, which is leased by a nature lovers' association, can only be reached from the mainland by the ferry of the same name. At present, guests are only taken to the unspoilt island every hour. In addition to a foliage colony, there is also an island "Baude" or restaurant.

Are you curious? Here you will find all the information and current tips.


Spandau Citadel

Once a military fortress, today a cultural site hosting exhibitions, theatre, festivals and concerts. Built in the 16th century during the Renaissance, the citadel has not lost a bit of its charm - on the contrary. Even during today's visits, one feels as if one is in another time. In fact, the grounds around it tell a story of over 1,000 years. In the meantime, however, concerts and festivals also take place there regularly. The special thing about it is the unique atmosphere. The museums are also worth a visit - everyone gets their money's worth here.

The impressive history behind the citadel and the grounds is enormously exciting, which is why we recommend a public guided tour. This way you will also get to know the history of the place better. Due to Corona, guided tours are currently only offered through the grounds. You can find all information and tips here..

German Bundestag in Berlin - One of the many attractions


Tegeler Fließ

Do you want to spend your days off actively, for example hiking? Then you should take a closer look at the Tegeler Fließ. The impressive natural landscape stretches from the district of Lübars to Lake Tegel. Of particular interest to families is the nature trail, which leads to rare flowers, trees, woody plants and breeding grounds. Also exciting: the landscape was formed by the consequences of the melting of large masses of ice from the Vistula Ice Age. Bogs, peat pits and mill dams ensured that the river was used economically. Farmers in particular are passionately committed to preserving the beautiful landscape. We can only recommend the Tegeler Fließ to you - you will certainly not regret your visit.


Experience Berlin from the water

Whether it's the classic inflatable or pedal boat, the culinary barbecue boat or the sporty kayak, canoe or stand-up paddling - Berlin offers many opportunities to get to know the city better from the water. Fun and company are clearly in the foreground here. These are also great opportunities for real Berliners to experience the city from a different angle and have a little adventure back home. Since there are many different options, here are the most popular water activities at a glance.


No matter if you are from Berlin or other parts of Germany - Berlin is always worth a trip. Travelling by car and don't want to spend a long time looking for free parking spaces in the capital? Then book your parking space at Tegel Airport to be able to park in a relaxed manner not far from the places mentioned. This way you can enjoy your day or short trip without having to fear overpriced parking tickets. We look forward to seeing you!



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