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Car sharing - sharing instead of owning

Rear view of car with sharing notice

How does car sharing work?

Many items are no longer bought these days, but shared. We come across sharing options more and more often. Whether it's a flat with roommates or even a car. There is a wide range of sharing options. But how does a shared car work? And for whom is it worthwhile?


What does car sharing mean?

Car sharing is based on the joint use of a car by several people. There are private providers as well as commercial ones. Customers only pay a flat rate for the use of the car. In most cases, they are charged per kilometre and per hour. The cars can be found with an app and are spread across the city. With a registration, you can then easily use a car near you. Car sharing is best suited for spontaneous short-term use. There are two variants of vehicle locations. Some are spread around the city and have no fixed location. With the second variant, you can start your journey at a specific location and must also end it there. Often the car sharing vehicles are located at airports or train stations.


How do I get the car keys?

The vehicle can be opened via an app or a customer card. For this purpose, a card reader field is attached to the windscreen of the vehicle. After you have held your customer card or smartphone with your identification code up to the reader, the vehicle opens. The car keys are often located in the glove compartment of the car sharing vehicle.


Some providers provide a safe for the keys next to the carsharing vehicles. To open the safe, you need a customer card and a PIN. You will receive both after registering with the car sharing provider.


What happens if I am flashed with the carsharing vehicle?

If you are caught speeding with a carsharing car, you will of course incur the applicable fines. But in addition, you have to pay the car sharing provider a service fee or service flat rate for the extra effort. The amount of the fee varies from provider to provider and is between 15 and 30 euros. However, you can avoid the fee by informing the provider that you have exceeded the speed limit and have been flashed.


Who bears the costs for tax, repairs and so on?

The car sharing providers bear the vehicle tax as well as all costs for repairs, maintenance and MOT.


Accident with the carsharing vehicle?

If you, as a user, cause an accident with the car sharing vehicle, the provider's liability insurance or comprehensive insurance will cover the costs. However, you often have to pay an excess. This means that you have to pay part of the costs for the accident damage.


Can I go on holiday with the borrowed car?

Basically, yes. Some providers even grant special rates and discounts if you use the borrowed car for longer than usual customers. Whether this is worthwhile in comparison with a rental car depends on the provider. However, it makes more sense to rent a car locally at the holiday destination.


What is a logbook?

Generally, all car-sharing vehicles have a logbook. Among other things, damage to the vehicle or refuelling procedures are documented there. Here you will also find the contact details of the car sharing providers for emergencies such as a vehicle breakdown or an accident.


Here are all the advantages and disadvantages at a glance:


  • Fewer cars on the roads
  • No fixed costs (vehicle tax, insurance)
  • Costs are only incurred when the car is used
  • No costs for repairs



  • Too expensive for spontaneous travel over a longer period of time
  • Billing by the minute
  • Car sharing vehicles not widespread everywhere
  • Often inflexible return time


Whether you use a car-sharing vehicle, a leased car or a private car, we wish you a safe journey. And should you ever want to leave your car for a flight from BER, we can offer you a safe and cheap parking space at McParking.


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