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Gadgets that make your holiday easier

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6 gadgets for a perfect holiday

Travelling can sometimes be quite exhausting. Imagine you're travelling several thousand kilometres south in a coach. And there is no way to make yourself comfortable ...


Holiday gadgets for a relaxing trip

Travelling can sometimes be quite exhausting. Imagine you are travelling several thousand kilometres south in a coach. And there is no way to make yourself comfortable and sleep at least a few hours of the journey. For this problem there are, for example, sleeping masks and a soft neck pillow. But have you ever thought about all the things you could take with you that are really useful for the most wonderful time of the year?

Today we present 6 gadgets for your holiday:

  1. If you like being in the water, it's worth buying a waterproof mobile phone case. The case can be worn around the neck and still be operated via the protective film. This way you can take great snapshots without having to worry about the smartphone falling into the water. In addition, a protective cover is also optimal for the beach. The waterproof mobile phone case not only protects your mobile phone from water damage, but also from the grains of sand that can possibly cause scratches in the display.

  2. Powerbanks are also useful to keep your smartphone running at all times. If you need your smartphone frequently, for example to use a navigation app at your holiday destination, the battery will quickly run out. Powerbanks allow you to charge your smartphone several times. For campers, there is even one that can be cranked up. You don't need electricity yourself to charge the powerbank, but your own power.

  3. Foldable water bottle. Yes, you read that right. A water bottle that can be rolled up in an instant when not in use or empty. This saves a lot of space in your bag or travel case.

  4. Can't fit all your camera equipment into your suitcase? But you don't want to miss out on beautiful holiday photos? Then we have the solution for you. Since our smartphone cameras have become better and better over time, you can also use them for your photos. To take really beautiful photos, there are lenses that you can put on your smartphone camera. With the smartphone camera lens set, you have several lenses to choose from and nothing stands in the way of your fun with photography.

  5. Do you prefer the wilderness to the beach? Then we have another gadget that you should definitely take with you: a drinking water filter. The filter can filter 99 percent of all bacteria out of the water and is designed like a drinking straw to save space. So you are prepared for the next trip in nature when the foldable drinking bottle is empty.

  6. If you like it fancy, invest in a mobile case. With a driving speed of up to 8 km/h, you can get from gate to gate quickly at the airport. The mobile suitcase has a particularly hard shell that can withstand a weight of 100 kg.


You don't need a mobile suitcase to get to the airport from McParking's monitored car park. Our shuttle will take you to the airport quickly and free of charge.



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