First flight – the procedure

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Flying for the first time - here's what you should watch out for!

The first flight can be very exciting, many become nervous or uncertain. After all, all first times are special. You have to think about so many things like: Is the suitcase not overweight? What is allowed in the hand luggage? Is my passport/identity card still valid? When do I have to be at the airport? We clarify the most important questions about the flight!

Book your flight ticket

Either you buy your flight ticket at a counter in the airport hall or you book your flight on the internet. Alternatively, you can book a trip at a travel agency, where you also book accommodation and often meals. However, if you only want to buy a flight ticket, you should choose one of the first options.


Departure to the airport

For flights within Europe, be at the airport 2 hours before departure. Outside Europe, be at the airport 3 hours before.

Online check-in

You can also check in online and then print out your boarding pass yourself. If you wish to check in luggage, you must go to the counter at the airport, despite the online check-in.

The check-in

Go to the counter of the airline where you booked your ticket. Note that the counters of the different airlines are located in different terminals. At the counter, you will have to show your booking confirmation (e-mail or in printed form) and your ID. You will then check in your luggage here. A brief check will be made to ensure that the baggage does not exceed the permitted weight and that the size of the suitcase is correct. If the suitcase is too heavy or too big, you will have to pay an excess baggage fee. You will then receive your boarding pass.

Security check

At the security check, you must place your hand luggage in a basket and place the basket on a conveyor belt. The hand luggage will be scanned. Liquids, of any kind, must be placed in a tight and transparent plastic bag. The total volume of the bag must not exceed 1 litre. Anything in excess of the permitted amount in your hand luggage will be discarded. Medication and baby food are not among the things that must be stowed separately. You yourself must go through a gate and are then checked by security staff with a scanning device.


Passport control

Here you will have to show your passport or identity card, depending on your destination. Pay attention to the validity of your documents!



Your boarding pass or the display board at the airport will show which gate you are flying from. Attention: The gate can change, just like the track on the train! Therefore, you should pay attention to the announcements and the board. After passport control, you can wait for boarding in the waiting area in front of your gate. As soon as the aircraft is ready for departure, your flight will be called and boarding will begin. To board, show your boarding pass at the gate and you can then board the aircraft.

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