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"Roadworks Check" - How to avoid roadworks

Lane closure during inspection work

Most people associate motorways with traffic jams and/or road works. No wonder, because in 2018, drivers in Germany spent around 459,000 hours in traffic jams. According to ADAC statistics, these hours resulted from 745,000 traffic jams in total. This often spoils holiday plans as well: the way to the sea? The drive to the holiday destination? The road to the airport? - Cars are usually parked for kilometres. The proFUND research project, the mFUND funding series and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure have developed a platform that provides information about permanent road works and closures: the BaustellenCheck. But what can the platform really do and how can it save you stress?


Find out

The construction area page is very clear and well structured. You can see at a glance where there are currently construction sites. The circles displayed group several road works together and the number inside provides information on the exact number of road works. The coloured border reflects speed limits and closures. As soon as you zoom into an area, you are even informed about the respective guideline speeds on the road sections. In addition, road works are precisely localised. Clicking on a roadwork site opens a small window with further information, such as: lane information, length of the roadwork site, time span of the roadwork site and the reason for the work.

Get involved

You also have the opportunity to submit corrections or feedback. If a roadworks site is out of date or contains incorrect information, you can pass this on. User feedback is scientifically evaluated and forwarded to the responsible authorities. This leads to better and more accurate information for the map. So that you don't have to fill in anything while driving and can concentrate fully on the road, there is the option to leave a voice memo. You can use this after the journey to give feedback.

Stress-free to the destination

Instead of constantly checking different pages, you can now see all the information you need at a glance. This means you can plan your journey better in advance and also see which roadworks, if any, will be clear by the time you leave. Any delays can also be viewed directly in some cases.

So nothing stands in the way of a stress-free journey to our car parks. Before your next holiday, take a look to see if there are any road works on the way and how best to avoid them. That way you will arrive safely at our site. Book the right parking space here now!



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