What you must bear in mind in the event of a breakdown on the motorway


Car on the hard shoulder on the motorway

Breakdown on the motorway

Are there unknown noises coming from the engine compartment of your vehicle or do you have a flat tyre? Then you need to move to the hard shoulder as quickly as possible. Of course, keep an eye on the flow of traffic. Things can get particularly tricky if you are driving through a roadworks site. In this case, you should drive on to the next lay-by with your hazard lights on, if possible.


Get out and drive to safety

First keep calm and switch on the hazard warning lights. Let the car roll out on the hard shoulder. Align the tyres to the right when the car has come to a stop. This will prevent the car from being thrown back onto the carriageway in the event of a rear-end collision. In the dark, switch on the parking lights. Now get out of the car and put on a high-visibility waistcoat. Do not let your passengers get out on the side of the carriageway. You, as well as your passengers, should stand behind the crash barrier.


Set up a warning triangle

Place your warning triangle at least 150 metres from your vehicle. On the way to the parking place, you should hold the warning triangle at chest height so that you can better recognise passing motorists. You can tell the distance by the black and white posts at the side of the road. If your car is behind a bend, you must place the warning triangle in front of the bend.


Lost objects?

If you have lost objects that have been left on the road, notify the police and do not try to collect the objects yourself.


Notify the police or roadside assistance

Use your mobile phone to call the breakdown service. If you don't have a phone with you, you can call the roadside assistance service or the police via an emergency call box. Emergency call boxes are located every two kilometres on the motorway. Black arrows on the reflector posts point you in the direction of the nearest emergency call point. At the emergency call point, you must state your exact location and the direction of travel so that the breakdown service can locate you better. It is also helpful if you describe the causes of the breakdown or accident to the breakdown service or the police. If necessary, tell the breakdown service about any warning lights that are displayed on your on-board computer or in your cockpit.


Out of fuel?

Have you broken down due to an empty tank? That can be expensive! In this case you will have to pay a fine and get points in Flensburg. The increased danger caused by a broken-down car is calculated by the StVO with a fine of at least 30 euros up to a maximum of 70 euros. It is the driver's duty to ensure that he has a sufficient tank of fuel for his route. In this case, you must also notify the breakdown service, which can provide you with petrol or diesel so that you can at least get to the next petrol station.

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