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Behaviour in the aircraft in emergency situations

Stewardess hands guest a drink

Behaviour on the plane

How to behave correctly in emergency situations on the plane


How do I behave on the plane?

Very few passengers really listen attentively to the safety briefing given by the stewardess. But the instructions are vital in an emergency. We have summarised the most important points for you.

Boarding correctly

Wheelchair users and other impaired persons board first. Then the rest of the passengers board.

Emergency exit

Once you have taken your seat, look around to see where the nearest emergency exits are. If you have a seat right by the emergency exit, you must open the door or window in case of an emergency. It is also important that the aisles between the rows of seats are not blocked by suitcases or other objects. You can stow hand luggage not only in the device above the seats. Hand luggage is secured under the front seat to prevent it from slipping.

Fire or smoke

If smoke develops inside the aircraft, the pressure will drop and oxygen masks will fall from the cabin lining. In this case, you should put on the mask to avoid breathing in the smoke. To do this, crouch down or, in the event of an emergency landing, crawl towards the emergency exit. The footwell contains the fewest pollutants. This is because they migrate upwards. If the lighting also fails, you can follow the luminous lines on the floor, which will lead you to the nearest emergency exit.

Life jackets

Where the life jackets are located depends on the type of aircraft and the airline. The most common place is under each seat. The waistcoat is inflated with a mouthpiece only after you have left the aircraft. Use the Safety Card to find out exactly how to use it.

Seat posture

You should always keep your seat belt fastened, if only because of unpredictable turbulence. If the landing is a bit rough, you will be informed by the crew. You should then lean forward and position your head between your knees. As a second variant, you can also rest your head on the rear side of the headrest of the person in front of you. To do this, it is best to place your hands protectively on your head.

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