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Arrive safely 2021

Lights on motorway

Arrive safely 2021

Continuously driving in the left lane, tailgating or honking your lights to ask the car in front to clear the lane ...


Rules on motorways

Pulling onto the motorway: To merge onto the motorway, you must have a brisk pace. This is what the acceleration lane is for. Use the full length of the acceleration lane to pick up the right speed. If there is no suitable gap to merge into, you must stop at the end of the acceleration lane. Overtaking slower vehicles that are on the motorway is permitted on the acceleration lane.

Departure: To depart correctly, you should start flashing your right hand lights at the 300 metre mark. Then switch to the deceleration lane, here you can reduce your speed to the posted speed limit. The curvy exits are often a danger zone, so take extra care here.

Overtaking: You may only overtake on the right if there is a traffic jam and vehicles are in the left lanes. Otherwise, you must drive on the right. Otherwise you may be fined €100 and receive a point in your driving record.

Distance: The correct distance to the vehicle in front is maintained if you keep half the speed in metres. If you are driving at 100 km/h, you must keep a distance of 50 metres from the vehicle in front of you. If you are driving at 120 km/h, you must keep a distance of 60 metres. If you do not keep a distance appropriate to your speed, you can be fined between €25 and €400. You may also receive two points and a driving ban of up to 3 months.

The hard shoulder is used for stopping in the event of a breakdown or if an emergency lane has to be formed. If your car breaks down on the motorway, you must set up your warning triangle at least 150 to 400 metres from the scene of the accident. A rescue lane is formed by vehicles using the middle and right lanes swerving to the far right and drivers in the left lane keeping as close to the barrier as possible. If you do not form an emergency lane and thus block the passage of emergency services, you may receive a fine of €320. If you are also a hazard, you will also receive 2 points and a one-month driving ban.

Driving in bad weather conditions

You must reduce your speed in heavy rain, fog or snow. Downpours are particularly dangerous. Here, most windscreen wipers can no longer keep up and you can no longer see what is happening in front of you on the road. Therefore: get off the gas and adjust your speed.

Driving with a trailer or caravan

Do you often drive with a trailer or caravan? Then the speed limit of 80 km/h applies to you, or a maximum speed of 100 km/h applies to appropriately technically equipped caravans.

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