All-inclusive or package holiday? Which is better?


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A holiday that suits you!

It's grey and uncomfortable outside, who wouldn't want to go on holiday again or go on a trip and experience new adventures or just lie on the beach and relax? But which holiday option offers the most advantages?


All Inclusive Trip

An all-inclusive trip includes the whole package, so to speak. You pay for the trip before you go and only have to take some pocket money with you. This is because with this travel model, the accommodation, meals - which include three meals, snacks and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks - and the transfer from the airport to the hotel are already paid for in advance or included in the price. The exact services vary depending on the hotel. Then there is the all-inclusive ultra, which includes spa treatments or refilling the minibar in the hotel room. There are many preconceptions of this type of travel, but when you book an all-inclusive trip, you are not bound to spend your entire holiday time in the hotel complex. This is because the all-inclusive comes with many advantages. You can sleep in, as you are not tied to breakfast times. But the other meals are not binding either.


Full board

With full board, the meals are reduced to three (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Drinks are often not included. If you would like the drinks to be included as well, you should book full board plus. But here too, it always depends on the tour operator whether alcoholic drinks are included. House wine is often one of the alcoholic drinks included in full board plus.


Half board

If you book half board for your trip, you will only receive two meals. This usually includes breakfast and, depending on the hotel, lunch or dinner. In this case you have to buy drinks separately. Here, too, there is the option of half board plus, to book the drinks as part of the half board. This offer is worthwhile for you if you like to be out and about outside the hotel complex during the day or in the evening. Here you can spontaneously visit a restaurant or bar.



If you are planning a relaxed holiday in the hotel complex and would like to be pampered with culinary delights from the hotel kitchen without having to go to a restaurant or bar outside the hotel, the all-inclusive option is a good choice. This is because you can feast carefree at any time and also enjoy all the drinks without having to watch what you spend. In addition, the all-inclusive model offers many other offers such as sports activities or animations that are included in the price.

If the three main meals are enough for you, you should opt for full board.

If you prefer to use the restaurants and bars in the surrounding area outside the hotel complex, it is sufficient to book half board. This way, you are not bound to the hotel's meal times (either at noon or in the evening).

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