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Safe parking in the car park at BER Airport with McParking

We operate the newest car park of its kind at Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which will open in June 2021. Here your car is protected from wind and weather in all seasons. With over 2,000 parking spaces, it is also the largest in the whole of Berlin. However, since size alone is not decisive for a good parking stay, we have described the advantages and special features of our multi-storey car park in more detail here.

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McParking sign in the entrance to the McParking car park at BER

What is so special about the McParking car park at BER?

Most off-airport parking providers offer unpaved parking spaces. As a rule, one looks in vain for a multi-storey car park offering favourable prices. McParking has recognised this gap and invested in the future even before the opening of the new airport BER, offering holidaymakers and business travellers alike a low-priced alternative to the usually overpriced car parks at the airport.

How do I get to the car park?

From Gebrüder-Hirth-Straße turn right into the car park at number 26. The entrance barrier opens automatically due to the number plate recognition. Should there be any problems entering the car park, for example due to a wrong number, our staff will be on site around the clock. Just press the telephone button at the entrance and a McParking employee will be happy to help. In the multi-storey car park, our parking guidance system helps you to find a free parking space quickly. Our tip: It's better to drive up one level. There are usually more free spaces there than on the lower levels, so you will find a space there more quickly.

Safety is written "big" in the McParking car park

The topic of safety is particularly close to our hearts. We want you to fly on holiday with a good feeling and not have to constantly worry about your car during your stay. To achieve this, we have completely fenced off our parking garage. There is only access and exit for cars to the front and a small footpath for access. In addition, we have equipped all entrance and exit doors with cameras, as well as the entrances and exits, of course. Other important places such as the pay stations and the electric charging stations are also monitored with cameras. And last but not least, regular patrols by our staff mean a plus in security that is not available at other car parks at BER Airport.

McParking surveillance camera in the exit



How do I get from the car park to the airport and back?

There are 2 lifts in the car park, right next to the entrance. This means that there is no annoying lugging of luggage to the ground floor and there is also usually no waiting time for the lift. From the ground floor it is only a few steps to the stop of our spacious shuttle bus, which stops directly in front of the parking garage. There is a shuttle bus to Berlin Brandenburg Airport every 20 minutes. Regardless of which terminal your flight departs from, only long-distance bus car park B is used at BER, and from there it is only a few steps to Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.

You also go to long-distance bus park B if you want to get back to the multi-storey car park from your journey. The shuttle bus also runs every 20 minutes, so there's no need to call for a transfer. In the multi-storey car park itself, we have set up 2 automatic pay stations in case the bill has not yet been paid (in full) in advance. Only card payment is possible there. We recommend the automatic pay station in front of the lifts, because then you can easily drive to the exit barrier. We have positioned another machine there for all latecomers. All cash payers please go to our parking control centre on the opposite side of the street. A McParking employee will then assist you with the payment.


Our special offer: charging your electric car

McParking charging points in the multi-storey car park


There are 10 charging points for e-cars in our multi-storey car park - and you can reserve them in advance! This is a significant advantage over other charging options in car parks around and at BER Airport. After all, what use is an e-charging point that cannot be planned and may be occupied? As an e-car driver, you often have to drive to the nearest public charging station after returning from your holiday and lose valuable time. At McParking, you can also book electric charging for your car for an additional fee when you book your parking space.
And this is exactly how it works: Before you enter the car park, please report to the parking control centre. The e-charging points themselves are located on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park, and our staff will accompany you there after you have entered the car park (with the help of the number plate recognition system). Our staff will carry out the charging process, we will not move your car for this. As soon as the car is fully charged, we will finish the charging process so that you will find a fully charged car when you return.

Is it possible to park on the ground floor?

We recommend that women travelling alone and passengers with reduced mobility contact us by e-mail or telephone before starting their journey. In this case, we will be happy to reserve a parking space on level E0. Otherwise, the parking spaces on the lowest level are reserved for our long-term parkers and for the electric loaders.

Last but not least:

From the top floor, level E7, there is the most magnificent view of BER Airport, the old Berlin-Schönefeld Airport or the south-east of Berlin all the way to the TV Tower in Berlin-Mitte. It's well worth arriving a little earlier and taking some great photos. And if you park your car up there, you can easily take one of the lifts down to the shuttle bus.

Parked cars on the top parking deck of McParking